LED is the short name of light emitting diode. Since LED is the soul of LED circuit board, choosing the right LED is crucial. As an expert in this field, NKT would like to share some 'insightful LED knowledge. 
LED classification:
By power: Divided into low power LED(Less than 0.2W), middle power LED(0.2-1W), high power LED(higher than 1W)

By appearance: Divided into DIP, SMD, COB

By colors: White, Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Purple, etc.

Mid Power LEDs: The most common mid power LEDs are 2835, 3030, 5050, 5630. Among these packages, 2835 is widely used for all different lighting applications because of low cost and high lumen output in the recent years.

LED Color:

White color LED: Correlated color temperature (CCT) is a way to characterize the color appearance of any white light source with a single number,  CCT is measured in degrees Kelvin (K): warm light is about 2700 K, neutral white about 4000 K, and cool white is 5000 K or more. NKT LED Lighting are available across this full range of CCTs from 2700 K to 6500 K for use in a wide variety of lighting applications.
LED CCT, LED color temperature, LED kelvin

Coloured LED: Wavelength is used to differentiate coloured, UV and IR LEDs, but not white LEDs. Red color wavelength is 620-645nm, green is 520-550nm, blue is 460-490nm, cyan is 490-520nm.

LED Packages: There is a Standard Size for SMD LEDs the physical dimension of the smd LED can be determined by seeing at the Number codes on these Chips. NKT common LED size like 2835, 3030, 3535,  5050 

led size, SMD led size, led demenstion


Viewing angle: 

Luminous flux:

Storage Temperature

Themal resistance

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