Warranty Statement-NKT LED Lighting

NKT (Dongguan Nuoke Lighting) Warranty Statement:

1. For all of products, we cover 5 year warranty. No matter it is LED module, LED Light strips or OEM products, no one product is excluded. 

2. For any LED Module or LED Light Strips which fails after it gets to our customers' hands, our customers don't need to return it to us. They can dispose them as they want. We will provide replacements at our expense or give customers credit back. We may need our customers to ship a few defective LED Module, LED Light strips back for analysis purpose if we can't identify the issue by looking at the pictures or through customers' explanation. 

3. I know some customers are concerned about the warranty because a lot of suppliers ask them to return the products before they provide replacements or solve the problem. When customers are overseas, it is very difficult to do this process. It can be costly and time-consuming. When you work with us, this hassle can be avoided. 

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