NKT LED lighting mainly produce below types of LED modules:
DC LED modules
DC(direct current) LED modules:  the most advantage of DC LED module is more efficient, and less risks of shock hazard for products below 50 volts. The DC led module usually divide into CC LED module and CV LED module:
CC (Constant current) LED module: LED driver connects to LED directly, luminance controlled by LED driver's output current.
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CV (Constant voltage) LED module: The LED driver typically 12V or 24V, connects to LED modules which have resistor or simple current limiting circuit on the LED PCB. The resistor or current limiter defines the current and luminance.
24V led module, 12v led module, constant voltage led module, CV led module

AC(Alternating current) /11V/220V led modules: 
The AC modules also called DOB module(driver on board), LED light engine, which is directly powered by AC 120V (100~140V) / 220V (200~265V), The LED light source and the power supply circuit are integrated on the circuit board, say goodbye to costly LED driver, the advantage is more economic and it is also more convenient. 

AC led module, 120V led module, 230v led module

COB LED module:
COB is the abbreviation of Chip On Board, which is a packaging method for directly packaging multiple LED chips on a metal-based printed circuit board. The high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology that directly attaches the LED chip to the high-reflectivity mirror metal substrate. This technology eliminates the concept of brackets, no electroplating, no reflow soldering, and no patch process, so the process is less and costs are also reduced.

RGBW led modules:
It's a light source that use red, green, blue and white LED,RGBW has two technical advantages: the first is that the power consumption of the same brightness is lower, and the second is that the same power consumption can achieve higher brightness. Therefore, luminaire manufacturers are also very interested in this technology, because the power consumption of LED lamp beads is fundamentally reduced, and the brightness can reach the level of power consumption required before. It can greatly reduce power consumption and effectively save power resources.

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RGB LED modules: RGB LED module:
RGB led module is a type of LED lighting that uses red, green, and blue LEDs to create a wide range of colors.It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting. also RGB module are less expensive compare to RGBW, making them a great option for anyone who wants to add color to their home without cost too much.

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Tunable white led modules:
Tunable white is becoming more and more popular,  the Tunable White module which is color temperature can be changed freely from 2700K(warm white) to 6500K(cool white). This means that you can achieve warm light like an incandescent lamp and daylight with only one led module. With the Tunable White module, you can create better living and working environment.

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LED modules with lens:
LED module with lenses have many advantages, such as improving the brightness of the module, better concentrating light, and relatively uniform light within the illumination range of the lens. At the same time, it can protect the LED chips.
led module with lens, led module with lences, led pcb board with lens

UV led modules: 
Ultraviolet LED modules are widely used, such as ultraviolet disinfection lamps, which can be mainly used for indoor sterilization and disinfection in hospitals and homes. No THMs disinfection by-products are produced, the sterilization effect is fast and the effect is good. In terms of detection, UV lamps have played a lot of roles. The UV lamp has some curing effect, which can quickly solidify the liquid into a solid, which has achieved the effect of fixing and coloring.


Colorful like red, blue, green led modules:
Colorful led modules, as light source products for decorative lighting and atmosphere creation, can be seen everywhere in lighting applications in all walks of life at this stage. Whether it is lighting effect decoration or lighting use, it can perfectly control any scene. Through the shaping of the spatial light environment, an attractive space and image are created. Under the embellishment of colorful led modules, the original minimalist space form presents a breathtaking layered beauty. Colorful led modules are widely used in industrial, commercial, advertising, home, entertainment and other industries.

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