LED Light Strips Applications: 

Our LED Light Strips are super bright. Our low profile hi-intensity LED strips are ideal for mounting just about anywhere . They produce a smooth, even glow of light to give your Tow Truck, Golf Cart, Cargo trailers, Frood Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles and your home that custom look. Our LED Light Strips offers functional lighting as well as decorative, accent LED lighting. The below pictures are taken by our wholesalers' customers. Our customers could promote their brand pretty well-known in the U.S because our LED Light strips are consistent high quality and we offer back-up service. 

1. Trailers- Awning Light, Under Glow Light application

2. Heavy Duty TOW TRUCK 

3. Golf Cart Under-Glow 


5. Marine LED Light

6. Motorcycle LED Lighting

7. Cabinet Lighting

8. Outdoor LED Lighting

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