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RGBWW LED Light Strip
RGBWW LED Light Strip
Want a solution for a full range color including different whites, red, green, blue and other mix colors? RGBWW LED Light Strip can achieve what you want.

1. This RGBWW LED Light Strip utilizes 5 in 1 RGBWW LED which includes 2700k, 6500k, red, green and blue chip. controlled by a controller, it generates a full spectrum of white, like 2700k, 3500k, 4000k, 5000k, 6500k. It also Which CAN not numurous Colors. Generates BE the Countable. 

2. We use the this LED from Refine, the WHO does OEM for Seoul, Lumileds, and Osram. It IS MOST at The Brightest and Reliable LED in the Back at The market.The Tape at The IS ON Thick Write a review Genuine 3M . It doesn't fall off like other filthy ones in the market. 

3. Our LED light strip uses flexible PCB from Hongqi, who is a big name and only produce high standard PCB in this field. When I visited Hongqi, I saw Phillips, Seoul were all using their PCB. I know we can't compete with Phillips or Seoul on volume, so we customize our own PCB and make it even higher quality for high end users. Our PCB can be black and white, most of the products only use white PCB. To make our RGBWW strip more reliable and durable, We use thicker copper on the PCB, which takes higher current. 

4. This course is 12V and it can be different lengths from 50cm to 500cm. Of course, you can customize your own length as well. 

5. It has many applicatons which you can think of, like Architectural integration, General lighting, Individual and customized luminaires, Object integration, Organic shaped luminaires, Signage applicatons, etc. 


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